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Amory Data Update - posted 10/1/10

New data loaded from the current WoW Armory.

Amory Data Update - posted 09/17/10

New data loaded from the current WoW Armory.

Team Pages Are Up! - posted 09/07/10

All teams now have their very own pages and can be commented on by any who have signed up for an account. If you haven't already you can sign up here.

You can find them using the bracket lookup tools:


Player pages still to come.

-PvPTracer Team

Amory Data Update - posted 08/30/10

New data loaded from the current WoW Armory.

Amory Data Update - posted 08/05/10

New data loaded from the current WoW Armory.

Page Comments Now Live! - posted 07/28/10

Informational pages can now be commented on by users of! Make sure you sign up so you can join the discussion!
What is I created this site because I want a place where arena pros as well as people just getting into World of Warcraft Arena to have a place where they can easily find up to date and useful information.

How do we get our data? The World of Warcraft Armory is pooled every few days to keep our data and stat averages up to date!

Why is Different? We offer a unique, easy to use interface that gives you the information you are looking for fast and efficiently. For example, what if you play an Arms Warrior and want to find out how much Armor Penetration your fellow warrior peers are using on average? Simply click on the Warrior page and select the Arms section and you can find out that information along with a whole lot more! Including:

Our goal is to have the most comprehensive class pages on the web pertaining to World of Warcraft Player vs Player!
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